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How PSB Industries has deployed a global HRIS?

Seeking to strengthen its leadership, expertise, and values, and to reinforce its international presence, PSB appointed a new Group HR Director, whose remit was to unite the HR teams by... Read More

GFI Informatique digitizes 80% of its HR processes, including compensation, with Talentsoft

European key player of IT services and software production, GFI Informatique has undertaken a global digitalization of its HR processes. The aim: a harmonization of the HR processes at the international... Read More

Five phrases from your software provider that can positively influence the course of your SaaS project

It comes as no surprise that good preparation is ultimately key to the success of your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) project. Over the course of the hundreds of HRIS SaaS projects that... Read More

Talentsoft wishes you a Happy New Year!

All Talentsoft teams wish you a Happy New Year!  

Shoeby: Happy people and great teams

Shoeby’s corporate culture is defined by its slogan, “All eyes on you.” The 1,250 “personal shoppers” in their retail stores are focused on offering the best possible service and experience... Read More

Performance based interview

No matter what your role is in the interview process, whether you’re the candidate or the hiring manager, you need to be great at interviewing. Over the past 10 months... Read More