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Talentsoft offers a unique solution for each of your talent management and learning needs.




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Talentsoft Recruiting helps recruiters and managers to free up their time to build meaningful relationships with candidates, by enhancing their productivity and decision-making abilities.
Our highly customizable solution allows you to engage candidates from sourcing to onboarding and all along their personalized employee journey, by creating continuous and valuable interactions from the start.

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Talentsoft Performance & Competencies helps HR to create collaborative assessment of goals and competencies while building a continuous conversation within your professional ecosystem to design highly personalized work experience.

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My Talentsoft transforms the way to engage employees by enhancing interactions around HR and business challenges.

Build meaningful relationships between HR, employees and managers by connecting them together and pushing in-context HR content, all within one collaborative digital platform.

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Keep your talents engaged through a unique and limitless training process. Talentsoft LMS allows you to easily deploy your training contents while encouraging interactions and knowledge sharing among your employees, to develop their competencies anywhere, anytime.

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Talentsoft Analytics adds a new dimension to HR decision-making through ready-to-use dashboards and automated insights that reveal hidden trends which allow you to anticipate challenges in your organization.

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Because each organization is unique, Talentsoft Hub provides a scalable Core HR usable as a primary, replicant or hybrid system delivering the quickest time to value for HR and IT.

Talentsoft Hub’s in-context user interface combined with an automated data quality check allows your employees to become active contributors of your workforce management.

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Following our calls for tender, we chose Talentsoft due to its flexibility and scalability, which has allowed us to gradually address and resolve our international HR issues – for everything from recruitment to employee appraisals. In addition, Talentsoft offers another key advantage: cloud computing, which is accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Audrey Delepierre
Talent Manager, HR Department — celio
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Talentsoft consolidates all core employee data in one place and supports all our HR processes. Talentsoft enables us to simplify the reporting of our sustainability KPI's, which is one of our key focus areas.
Henrik Rosander
Strategic HR Director — Toyota Material Handling Europe
In less than four months we were able to launch annual performance appraisals for all our 13,000 employees located in more than ten countries! The initial feedback is more than satisfactory, with both employees and managers widely adopting the solution.
Alain Guillou
HR Director — Naval Group
With the the implementation of Talentsoft LCMS and LMS, we've noticed a major increase in our employees' engagement, employee turnover rate that is well below the industry's average, and improvements in customer experience and satisfaction.
Isabelle Damour
Lacoste Academy Retail Director — Lacoste
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Talentsoft Learning is the perfect solution for a company like ours, wishing to step into the e-learning world.
Maxime Julienne
Head of e-Learning — Carglass France
By embedding our HR processes in the Talentsoft solution, we were able to have a comprehensive view on employee appraisals. This helped us better manage their development in all our operating countries.
Marie-Anne Labidi
HR Development Group Director — Groupe Chantelle
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We are now able to identify skill gaps and training actions needed, and this helps us build our corporate programs and corresponding budgets.
Clotilde Fourchet
International Careers Manager — PSB industries
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